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Trading Skills. Skills used on land. Accounts. Required Vigour 10 Acquisition Requirements Trade level 10 Effect Browse going price at the market and negotiate for better rates. The higher the rank the better the chance of favorable outcome. Livestock Trading. Required Vigour 0 (passive) Acquisition Requirements Trade level 7 Foodstuff

Leveling search skill from rank 3? - Papaya Play Forum Home › Uncharted Waters Online › General Discussion. Leveling search skill from rank 3? WesDoobner Posts: 759 Member Intermediate. November 2017 General Discussion. Get an Art skill (the Adventure one, not Art Trading), then go to Marseilles Archives. Get the R1 (or later, R2) Map of Religious Painting and sails to Genoa. UWO's Easy Ducat Earnings - Cheap Ass Gamer Mar 19, 2011 · → UWO's Easy Ducat Earnings 0. UWO's Easy Ducat Earnings and elaborate more of it to fully understand how to execute this guide and also it is updated to the NetMarble’s Uncharted Waters Online. I give my thanks to the original uploader of this guide which is what I find very helpful. Livestock Trading, Food Trading and Caution

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Grinding trading skills :: UWO Ultimate Guides Your ultimate place for Uncharted Waters Online info. Homepage > Trade > Grinding trading skills Livestock trading. Zadar: Ancona: Chicken: Chicken: Goats . Buenos Aires: San Antonio: Cattle: Cattle: Sheep . Sundries trading. There is only one sundries good in … Grinding Trading Skills | Uncharted Waters Online (El ... Jul 29, 2016 · Grinding Trading Skills. Posted on July 29, 2016 by Liesel. Livestock trading (+2 Livestock trading helmet from a merchant quest or search, This entry was posted in Guides, Skills, Uncharted Waters Online, UWO and tagged 2nd age, Grinding Skills, Uncharted Waters Online, Uncharted Waters Online: TIPS AND TRICKS | GameShot Oct 18, 2010 · Go to your Merchant Guild Master and Use 1 Merchants guild card to become an Animal trader and learn the skills: Livestock Trading, Food Trading and Caution. Trade between Amsterdam and Den Helder until you have livestock and food trading reach lv2. Trade only livestock (Sheep and Chicken) and food (Ham, Poultry, etc) from both towns also check Leveling as Merchant in Uncharted Waters Online ...

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Traders or Merchants are in charge of sailing around the world finding the best and most exotic goods to trade in. Buy low and sell high is their motto. They are also responsible for crafting various goods from Cooking to Alchemy! Livestock trading Official Uncharted Waters Wiki is …

UNCHARTED WATERS UNCHARTED WATERS The New Economics of Water Scarcity and Variability 5.2 Essentials for a Water Trading System 71 Figures ES.1 The Water Policy Cycle 4 crops and livestock. The way in which water is managed in the face of these growing

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Uncharted Waters Online | OnRPG Uncharted Waters Online is a MMORPG set within several timelines during the Age of Exploration as a romantic and historic fictional account of the era. Players will live and play real world of 15th century to make their own history.

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